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Reyna Dave; CoFounder; Language Arts/Writing
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Addy Williams-Gabert; CoFounder; Math/Science
Abril Garcia; CoFounder; Elementary Subjects

About Us

We're a team of credentialed teachers providing individualized tutoring to students in Los Angeles County. Most important, we're parents ourselves!

We work with all grades, from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

We're LA natives, and have attended the same schools as you or your child, making us the most unique and knowledgeable group of tutors in Los Angeles.

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Tutoring in all subjects: math, science, reading, academic writing, and more!


Reading/Language Arts

Some students need support in reading, but did you know there are five different pillars that form reading ability? These are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.



some students struggle with this not because of the abstract nature of math, but because they have not yet been taught in a way that makes sense to them.

A picture of a clock and a backpack as a metaphor for a student's time management

Executive Functioning

This term is certainly having a moment on social media, but we've for ways one of the keys to academic success is the student knowing themself as a learner.

"Believe you can, and you're halfway there"

Our tutoring methods have allowed students to embrace a growth mindset;, fostering an outlook that prioritizes effort, resilience, and learning from previous attempts at their academic endeavors. Basically, we helps learners to navigate their academic journeys with confidence and determination.

Every tutor here uses their own personalized flair for personalized guidance and encouragement - thus help students recognize their potential for growth and understanding that setbacks are opportunities for learning and improvement rather than indicators of fixed ability.

Our focus:

Empowering learners via a growth mindset

The evidence for the benefits of a growth mindset are available in the literature. Our founder was an exceptional student and graduated high school early, our director of operations was a high school counselor, and our team members choose to work with us because of the students we attract.

Our Tutoring, By the Numbers

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We provide our services in

Downtown LA, Long Beach, Pasadena/Northeast LA, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay Westside.

Available Tutoring Services:

Differentiated tutoring services to support every type of learner

AP Courses

  1. Helping students keep up with homework
  2. Helping decide which APs to take


  1. Helping students “learn how to learn”
  2. Help with motivation, attention, and task completion

College Planning

  1. Helping students find scholarships
  2. Helping students decide which schools to apply

Executive Functioning

  1. Helping students “learn how to learn”
  2. Help with motivation, attention, and task completion

General Subjects/Homework Completion

  1. Standard tutoring and homework help.
  2. Parents can choose how few or many hours are needed
  3. Helping students study for upcoming tests

Study Skills

  1. Helping students with task management
  2. Helping students break down larger projects into smaller chunks
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A young girl is being tutored in math
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Okay, I'm ready. How do we start?

We'd love to work with your child, too but please ensure the following:


Our services are strictly in-person (NOT online)

In LA County

At this time, we only have tutors available in the Los Angles area

Which Service?

We're happy to chat about the specific needs of your scholar. Give us a call today!

Subjects We Tutor

AP Courses

SAT and ACT Test Prep

Elementary School -All Subjects

Middle School – All Subjects

Executive Functioning

Study Skills


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