About Our Tutors

The Learning Period difference begins with our tutors. While some tutoring services hire anyone with a college degree or high test scores, we believe that just knowing the subject matter isn't enough. We only hire credentialed teachers to ensure your tutor will be not only a subject area expert, but also an educational expert. Their knowledge of instructional strategies, learning styles, and educational psychology helps them prepare customized learning plans that work. Instead of walking through a scripted curriculum, our tutors are qualified to identify individual needs and tailor lessons to meet them.

Each one of our tutors has also passed a rigorous subject area examination and demonstrated his or her teaching excellence by presenting several sample lessons. We select tutors with visible passion, vibrant personalities, and dynamic communication who can motivate and build relationships with students. Positive rapport is important in a one-on-one tutoring setting, so we choose tutors who can make your student look forward to each session.

Finally, every tutor has gone through a thorough background checking process. You can trust that the tutors coming into your home have only one objective: helping your student succeed.

Meet the Founder

A picture of Olu Adenako, the founder

Hi, I'm Olu Adenako! I'm best described as a scholar of culture: I received a double Bachelors of Arts in Rhetoric Communications and English Literature from California State University, Los Angeles. Building upon my dual degrees, I have decided to continue my post-graduate studies by examining the language and symbols utilized by mass media. Much of my time is devoted to pursuing a double Masters of Arts in African Literature & Media Culture, and English-Rhetoric. In keeping with my methodological foundation of critically assessing texts, my current focus is on examining the implications of the representation of ethnic characters in entertainment media and popular print media. Due to my involvement with various community service programs, I am also focused on the empowerment and uplifting of minority communities through education and service. To this end, I have published several articles and other literary works in various publications, and has participated in a variety of academic conferences. I plan to go further and receive a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies.

The start of The Learning Period: I started my tutoring/teaching career as a tutor for one of the largest tutoring companies in America. I then went on to work for an AMAZING non profit dedicated to providing academic resources to underprivileged, yet academically accelerated teenagers. My passion for my work was soon recognized, and I was asked to take on more challenging leadership roles. One of my most memorable successes was the development a new curriculum for 11th graders which include college-prep essays, seminars with guest speakers of various occupations, and academic personal development. My next career professional accomplishment was to become an Academic Counseling Assistant for the LACCD. I created student educational plans (SEPs) for students, provided academic and emotional support for students, provided academic support (in the subjects of English, Math, and Speech) for students, assisted instructors with classroom management, and collaborated with academic counselors in order to best achieve student goals. I quickly realized that students reach their potential more quickly and effectively by utilizing various mediums and resources. I founded Learning Period Educational Services in order to utilize multiple teaching techniques (1 on 1 tutoring, online instruction, visual and audio elements, etc.) that work with student's learning modalities. By developing and optimizing a variety of progressive techniques, The Learning Period is able to guarantee Continuous Academic Success!

Fun Facts: Though education is an integral part of my life, I also enjoy road biking. I try to bike at least 20 miles a day! I also own a custom jewelry business, where I create and sell my own handmade pieces. In addition, I enjoy baking and playing the saxophone. I love playing jazz and blues music, and I'm skilled in both the alto and tenor sax. Most importantly, I am a die-hard Lakers fan!

Our Tutors in Action!

January 20, 2016

What you should know about Edward A.:

"The tutoring was personal and was attentive to the problems I had with certain concepts. I do not feel an improvement could have been given because it is great tutoring."- Vicente J. College Student

January 12, 2016

Let's talk about Adam J.:

"I honestly didn't expect to find a good tutor just by randomly going on the internet. You guys have been great, Adam was a major help."
- Andrew N., College Student

February 1, 2016

Feedback on Clement W.:

"I was amazed at how quickly Clement was able to get through to my daughter. She's someone that really doesn't know how to ask for help, especially when she knows she's really struggling. Thank you!"
- Moira D., Parent

Tutor Spotlight

Kathy Ngo

Science Extraordinaire

Kathy Ngo is a doctoral candidate currently working at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She possesses a significant amount of experience as a graduate assistant teaching higher lever biological sciences courses, which include developmental biology and embryology. developmental biology and embryology.