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The quickest intro to the ACT, ever

We'll cover the structure, content knowledge, and broad strategies regarding the ACT



1) The ACT is one way to compare students applying to top colleges. 2) The best way to score high is to take as many practice tests as possible. 3)You don't have to be good at science to do well on the science section.


So, what exactly is the ACT?

One of the two most common tests students take to seem more attractive to colleges. It's not strictly necessary, but it's strongly advised that students take either the SAT or the ACT if they want to apply to a more competitive 4 year university.

Assuming you've read this far, please know that the best way to do well on the ACT is to study the STRUCTURE of the test. then learn the tips and tricks.

ACT Structure

Lasts 3 hours and 35 minutes

The writing section is not "optional" for test takers. It's optional if specific colleges want to factor it into your overall application.

There are 4 sections

English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing, in that order. Scores range from 1 to 36.

ACT Hack:

Treat the science section like the reading sections

Gimee More Tips!

The ACT is Multiple Choice

Practice weeding out the wrong answers if you're completely stumped. The select the most likely answer.

50% of the reading section is predictable

The main concepts tested are 1) Correctly forming and joining sentences 2) Correct use of commas, dashes, and colons 3) Correctly using nonessential clauses and relative pronouns and 4) Correct verb tense and form

Math questions get progressively more difficult

So, we think it's best to focus on accuracy over finishing the math section as quickly as possible.

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