One of our three co-founders: Reyna Dave
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Hi There, I'm Reyna

I was born in Gujarat, India and came to the US with my parents and three brothers when I was nine. Despite being the only girl, I was the youngest so it never really bothered me.

Growing up, my parents constantly encouraged us kids to be studious and work hard in order to be ready for any opportunities that may come our way. Of course, that meant education was a big deal, and my parents definitely hovered when we did our homework – even before it was cool!

Due to their support and pushing, I earned a bachelors in biomedical sciences at Pepperdine University, then a Master’s in education a year later. I graduated with honors for both degrees. I taught at the community college for 4 years, then realized I could make a bigger impact at the high school level.

I noticed that most of my students came to me lacking skills in accessing scientific text, and also practical lab experience. With this, I challenged my high school students with a curriculum I designed to hone their skills in these areas. I continue to engage in a variety of continuing education programs so that I may consistently bring innovative best practices to both my teaching and tutoring sessions.