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"I highly recommend Learning Period for your tutoring needs. They really go above and beyond what I expected. Addy processes all the information she's given and makes sure to match the tutor to your needs and wants. I will be honest and say the first tutor was great but I needed a little more for my son then the tutor could give. The second one has been spot on! Angel is very patient, understanding and really cares how my son does in school and will check in with me for updates even on his days off. I'm very happy I chose them!!"

- Cynthia P., Brentwood Science Magnet School Parent

"My tutor stayed with me for two extra hours until my assignment was complete. She stayed because she knew I had finals the next day. I ended up getting an A for my algebra final because my tutor was checking my work and making sure all of the problems were correct. We stayed five hours, but I got an A!"

- Krikor K., 8th grade

"I'm scared of math. Actually, I'm not scared of it but it just goes in one ear and out the other. My tutor helps me get through it every week. I learn it with her, too, and not just short-term because I did really well on my last two [weekly] tests. I got a B and a B+!"

- Dennis K., 12th grade

"My son thought it was awesome!! Addy was so helpful and very attentive to my son's needs. She put a lot of thought into which tutor would be best for him."

- Xochitl M., Parent, Arcadia CA

"My tutor is very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. She has been great working with my daughter. Thank you!"

- Xander L., Pacific Palisades

"Excellent! Very patient and kind, with clear explanations that don't make you feel overwhelmed. Learning Period will prepare you!"

- Ozzy S., Los Angeles High School Student

"My tutor is very helpful and explains everything so you can understand. She goes over every question one by one, and shows ways you can use your time wisely on each section."

- Lily N., Archer School for Girls

"It was a pleasure working with our Learning Period tutor. she is extremely knowledgeable and professional. As soon as she arrives, she got to work. I will definitely use her again for my 17 year old son. His grades improved dramatically."

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Tangela A.

College Chemistry

"My tutor was awesome!!! She really took her time with me, and made sure I understood the concepts. I highly recommend them."

Liz N.Y.

Parent of 11th grade Precalc Student

"Excellent Math tutor. Responsive, patient, accommodating. Great!!"

Oshea M.

SAT Prep Student

"It was a great experience. She provided learning tools on the first day. That included the SAT book as well as vocabulary cards. Learning Period is worth the investment."

Tutor Spotlight

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Oliver B., Math Specialist

"Hi, my name is Oliver Braun. I hope to assist you both in your academic learning, as well as in your study skills!! I am a certified teacher in math and science. I come from a very diverse teaching background where I have taught every single high school subject. My students cover the range of learning styles and backgrounds. I believe that all learners need practice and the proper tools for self-reflection and understanding of their own learning style. Becoming aware of how each student learns is central to my teaching methodology. I look forward to meeting and working with you soon!"

Customer feedback: Oliver definitely is a diverse instructor. I'm so pleased that though we initially signed up for math tutoring, Oliver is always willing to jump in and help my son in any subject necessary. You guys were a really great find!