When a Tutor Doubles as a Babysitter

What happens when your child is having trouble in school and you also need a babysitter to watch him or her during your night shifts? Find an individual that not only gets along with your child, but he or she can act as a tutor and a babysitter for when you cannot be home. Whether you’re using babysitting apps or other sources, there is more to it than just reading profiles and checking references. Learn what to look for, how to go about the screening process, and discover what to do if the tutor/babysitter you picked ends up not working out.

What to Look For

Knowing the traits of an excellent tutor and a nurturing babysitter will help you to know what to look for when trying to find an individual that can do both jobs. You must look for a person with multiple talents. Is he or she experienced in the subject in which your child is having trouble? How many years of experience does he or she have babysitting other children?

Be sure that no matter the age of the tutor/babysitter that they get along with your child. He or she should find positive ways to redirect your child when misbehaving and get creative when tutoring in the problem subject. This way, you know that your child is having an enriched learning experience while also receiving needed care while you are away from home.

The Screening Process

Undergo a thorough screening process. For the best results, post your job opening for a tutor/babysitter on multiple venues such as your local newspaper, social media groups and tutoring websites. Once you receive a good 5-10 applicants, start the screening process.

Before the in-person interview, conduct a phone interview and ask key questions to differentiate serious candidates from the lackadaisical ones. Does the candidate remember applying for your specific job post? What are they looking for in their next career position? How is he or she doing on their job search? Why are they the best fit as a tutor/babysitter for your son(s) and/or daughter(s)?

Take notes on all the answers from each candidate. Keep organized phone records of the date the phone interview occurred and the time frame in which it took place.

Once you have narrowed down the candidates to about 3-5, invite one individual at a time to your home for the in-person interview. At the end, have the candidate spend 5 uninterrupted minutes with your child. Take notes and figure out who has the most positive attitude and who gets along best with your child.

When It Isn’t Working Out

There are restrictions monitoring your tutor/babysitter. You could even set up a nanny cam, though there are some restrictions, and watch the session remotely. While all 50 states allow you to have a nanny cam installed at home even without your babysitter’s knowledge, there are 13 of the states that prohibit camera installation in a private place such as your home if it has not been authorized.

The best way to install and use a nanny cam without any trouble is to let the babysitter know you have one and that it’s only for the safety of your child(ren). Signs that a hired tutor/babysitter isn’t working out includes your child is not improving in the problem subject, the individual and your child constantly butt heads, and your child complains about multiple things that are going wrong during his or her time with the babysitter/tutor.

Finding a special tutor/babysitter that can get along with your child, help your child improve in a problem school subject, and provide the care your child needs will take some time. If you find a tutor/babysitter and it does not work out, do not be discouraged! In time, you will find the super hybrid individual that can change your child’s life!

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